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Choosing the Right Laser Hair Removal Clinic

When you’re choosing the right laser hair removal clinic, cost is going to be a factor–but it isn’t the most important one. Your health and safety are the most important things to consider. Here are 5 great questions to ask, before you make your appointment.

1. Who performs the procedure?

For example, is a specially-trained Registered Nurse the one who performs the laser treatments? Find out who will be treating you, and also ask about their education and training background.

Is the care provider professionally certified in the area of laser hair removal? In some cases, depending on their training, a non-physician can be the best person to provide your laser hair removal treatment. Still, if your caregiver is not a physician, feel free to ask whether or not a physician will be supervising your care.

2. How many laser hair removal procedures does the clinic perform each year?

Although some new clinics may offer expert care right from the start, it’s usually comforting to know that a treatment center has a track record of good results. Find out when the clinic began offering this service, and how many patients they treat each year.

3. What are the possible side effects of laser hair removal, and how often do they happen?

Side effects of laser body hair removal can include pain and/or irritation, increased sensitivity to sunlight, blistering, and even color changes of the skin. You’ll know these things, to start with. But be sure and ask what side effects are most common at the clinic that you’re thinking of choosing. Ask how often patients experience side effects, and what the risk factors are. And be sure and find out what you need to do if you experience any side effects.

4. Does the clinic have a telephone number that can be used to reach a care provider after hours?

Once the clinic is closed–including nights and weekends–is someone available to help you? Some treatment centers use an answering service, while others have an actual staff member who takes telephone calls. Some will have a physician or another care provider who is on-call and can be reached if needed. Hopefully, your treatment will go smoothly and without any complications. But ask now, while you’re still shopping for the right laser hair removal clinic, when it comes to what you should do in case you have problems.

5. What type of aftercare is involved?

Does the clinic ask you to return after you’ve finished your treatments? If they’re watching you closely, they should want to talk to you–and perhaps even see you–after your last hair removal treatment. A follow-up appointment, or at least a phone call, is a great way to make sure you’re still doing okay, and that you’re satisfied with the results of your care.

Choosing the right laser hair removal clinic will mean doing some homework. Starting with this guide, be sure to ask plenty of questions. Your health and wellness are worth it!

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