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What Causes Hair Follicle Bumps?

You cleanse your skin. You moisturize. You use shaving cream. You even clean your razor with alcohol. Or maybe you don’t even shave. So why are you still getting hair follicle bumps?

One thing to remember is this: no matter how well you cleanse your skin–or your razor–you’re still going to be dealing with germs. We have bacteria living pretty much all over us. That bacteria is called staphylococcus aureus, or “staph” for short. Normally, staph is not a problem. In fact, it even helps us, by defending our body from other bad germs. But when staph or any other germs get past our skin and inside our bodies, that’s when we have trouble.

We also have hair follicles all over our body. The hair follicle is a special type of pore–each of our hairs grows from a hair follicle. There’s a difference between an ingrown hair and the kind of hair bump we’re talking about here. Ingrown hairs usually happen after a hair is cut (or removed). When it begins to grow back, it curls backward. Instead of growing out straight, it begins growing inside the hair follicle.

But hair follicle bumps are a different story.

Anything that causes injury to our skin can give germs a chance to move from our skin’s surface to inside our bodies. When we shave, we can create tiny nicks and cuts along the openings of our hair follicles. This can give bacteria a way to get from our skin’s surface to inside our hair follicles. Once the bacteria (or other germs) get inside the follicle, we can end up with angry, irritated hair follicles–and then bumps.

But shaving isn’t always the cause. Other things, such as sweating and wearing tight clothing can lead to angry hair follicles and a rash of pimply bumps, too. Unfortunately, even normal, everyday stuff can lead to angry hair follicles. Click here to read more about what causes hair follicle bumps.

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