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Bump Fighter Razor – Does it Work?

Guys, have you heard about the Bump Fighter razor? Chances are, you haven’t…

We’re not sure if the makers of this razor are trying to keep it a secret, or if they’re just relying on word of mouth for advertising. In any case, the secret’s out, and the word is good.

If you’re dealing with a mess of ingrown hairs, neck acne and razor bumps after every shave, this razor is designed for you.

One of the biggest causes of ingrown hairs is this: after shaving, the hair curls backward. From there, instead of growing straight out of the hair follicle, it grows backward, into the hair follicle. That’s when it becomes an ingrown hair.

The Bump Fighter razor is designed to leave some space between your skin and the razor blade, which reduces irritation. Customers say their shave isn’t as close as with a regular razor–but they also say it’s a small price to pay for skin that’s smooth, clear and free from nasty razor bumps.

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There aren’t a whole lot of reviews to go by–12 that are verifiable–but every review was a 5-star rating.

Overall, customers had plenty to say about how well this product works. There were a couple of items to note, though. One customer said the blades “slide partway off the handle when you tap it on the sink.” And as we mentioned, a few customers noted that their shave wasn’t as close as when they used a regular razor or a straight razor.

Still, based on what the customers reported, the downsides to using this razor were outweighed by the results.

Here’s what one customer said: “I have tried several types of razors and only Bump Fighter keeps my chin from becoming a mess of pimples and razor bumps. Great product!”

And one customer’s girlfriend had this to say:  “My boyfriend requested this product and I had to search for it online. He swears by it. He has the most beautiful skin and shaves everyday using the Bump Fighter razor and shaving cream. He has no razor bumps, ingrown hairs or skin irritation, just gorgeous, soft skin. I definitely recommend.”

It’s really hard to beat Amazon when it comes to price and delivery. For this product, we found the best prices there. They offer the Bump Fighter razor, replacement blades, disposable razors, and also an aftershave.

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