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Ingrown Hairs – To Dig or Not to Dig

Ingrown hairs are tough to look at. It’s tempting to break out the tweezers and start picking. Or worse yet, start digging. But should you dig, pick and squeeze?

Well, you know the answer. It’s always best to leave your skin intact. Even though it’s hard to leave those pesky little bumps alone–especially when you can see the hair right there, waiting for you to squeeze and pull at.

But because we have bacteria that normally lives all over our skin, there’s a risk that comes with that digging.

Our bodies normally have a bacteria called staphylococcus aureus–or “staph,” for short–pretty much all over us. When we’re healthy, and when our skin doesn’t have any breaks in it, staph usually doesn’t do us any harm. In fact, it actually protects us against bacteria and other germs that can cause us trouble.

But when we have breaks in our skin, the staph can be a problem. It’s supposed to stay on the surface of our skin. Once it gets inside our body, we can wind up with an infection. Even something as minor as picking at ingrown hairs can lead to bigger problems, if staph or other germs get into our hair follicles.

What’s another option?

There are several good choices.

One is exfoliating. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Making exfoliating a part of your pre-hair-removal routine can make a huge difference in reducing hair bumps. Speaking from personal experience, I know I hardly have any trouble with those little hair-filled pimples, if I exfoliate regularly. But that’s a big part of how it works: it has to be done regularly. The best way is to do it every time you shave or use another hair removal method.

To find out more about exfoliating your skin, and how to keep the ingrown hairs away, click here.

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