Get Rid of Hair Bumps!

Hair Bumps – Black Men, White Men, Every Man

It’s a battle, when it comes to hair bumps – black men, white men, just about every man of every color and skin type deals with these gross little pimples at some point. But there’s a solution that’s been kept secret from all of us.

Have you heard of the Bump Fighter razor?

If you haven’t, you can join the crowd. We’re not sure why the makers of this razor seem like they’re hiding it from us, but we think they must be…because we had to search out this simple little bump solution all on our own.

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The biggest cause of ingrown hairs is this: when we shave, we sometimes cut the hair so short that it winds up underneath the surface of our skin. There it stays, inside the hair follicle. And when it starts to grow again, it gets trapped.

Trapped hairs can curl backwards, and start growing back into the hair follicle, instead of coming out nice and straight, like they’re supposed to do. Once they start growing back into the follicle, you have the start of an ingrown hair. As that hair continues to grow, you wind up with a nasty little pimple, instead of smooth, clear skin.

This specially-designed razor was created to keep from shaving the hair so short. That means your shave probably won’t be quite as close…but it also means you can skip those nasty little hair bumps – black men, italian men and men with coarse, curly hair can especially appreciate what that means. And we women who snuggle up to you men can appreciate it, too!


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