Get Rid of Hair Bumps!

Ingrown Hair Treatment – Simple and Effective!

The results are in, and we found a simple ingrown hair treatment that works!

As you browse this site, you’ll find that we’re very fond of exfoliating. There’s a reason. Because in our own testing, it made a big difference.

Yes, it’s tempting to dig at those ingrown hairs. Especially when they’re ruining what should have been a smooth, clean shave. But resist that temptation–just a little picking and poking can open up your skin to a whole world of trouble: an infection. It’s not worth it…

Especially if you haven’t yet tried exfoliating.

To exfoliate, you only need a few simple items. And you probably already have everything you need for this ingrown hair treatment right there, in your home.

1. A loofah, clean washcloth, mesh bathing puff, or natural-bristled skin brush

2. Warm water

3. Shaving cream and razor

4. A non-irritating, perfume free skin cream or lotion

In our own testing, we began by taking a warm shower, and moistening our skin. That also helps to open up the pores.

The next step was the actual exfoliation. Using a mesh bathing puff, we gently cleansed the area to be shaved. This is not a scrubbing–we just used light, circular motions to gently remove the dead skin cells and oils from around the hair follicles.

After that, it was about shaving.

Next up, the skin was dried by lightly patting with a clean towel. Again, being gentle makes a difference.

Finally, we applied unscented, hypoallergenic (meaning it doesn’t irritate the skin) cream to the skin. Our brand of choice was Eucerin cream. It’s thick stuff, but it’s absorbed quickly.

At first, those ingrown hairs resisted–it took almost a week and a half to start seeing a difference. But once we did, the results were impressive. Clearer, smoother skin, and no major hair bumps to be seen.

When it comes to finding a simple, inexpensive ingrown hair treatment, this one gets 5 stars.

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