Get Rid of Hair Bumps!

Shaving Bumps

Shaving bumps.

What a way to ruin your confidence.

Especially when wearing shorts, a miniskirt, a bikini…for women, these little red pimply things can be enough to make us put our jeans back on.

And guys have it even worse!

For guys–most of whom shave their faces and necks–there’s no hiding that razor rash. Not unless they wear a ski mask.

There are solutions, though. And luckily for us, they aren’t that tough to find!

Let’s start with the guys.

Men, if you haven’t yet heard about the Bump Fighter razor, you’re missing out big time. It took us a while to find it, but once we heard what customers were saying, it became one of our favorites. Are you ready to say goodbye to the shaving bumps and neck acne you deal with after using your old razor?

Ready to get kissable?

If so, click here to check out the Bump Fighter.

For both men and women, there are several great products that customers say are amazing on their skin. We looked at a list of the most popular lotions, potions and creams, and did some research.

To find out what we learned about Tend Skin–one of the skin-smoothers that customers rave about–click here.

With both of these products, you might notice that customers talked about the importance of exfoliating.

We agree with them. We even did our own non-scientific testing, to see if exfoliating made a difference in our skin. And we’re happy to say that it did!

So, no matter what product you choose to help your skin stay smooth and soft, also think about adding exfoliating to your skin care routine. It’s quick and easy, and it makes a difference.

To learn more about how to exfoliate, click here to read a little bit about it. It’s one little step that can make a big difference in getting rid of those shaving bumps, and ingrown hairs, too!

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