Get Rid of Hair Bumps!

What Causes Hair Bumps?

For many of us, when it comes to what causes hair bumps, shaving is the biggest culprit–because of this, they’re often called shaving bumps, razor bumps, or razor rash. But there are other plenty of other causes besides shaving.

We humans are furry creatures.

Except for the palms of our hands, the soles of out feet, and our mucous membranes (like our tongue and lips) we have hair everywhere.

Each hair grows inside a special type of pore, called a hair shaft.

The hair shaft, also known as a hair follicle, usually is protected by our skin. Our skin does a lot of things, but one of its most important jobs is keeping germs and other possible dangers from getting inside our body.

But sometimes, our skin can’t give the hair follicle the protection it needs. In those cases, bacteria can get inside the hair shaft, and cause irritation. When this happens, a hair bump is born. Another name for this is “folliculitis,” which means inflammation of the hair follicle.

In addition to shaving, some other possible causes of hair bumps, or folliculitis, include:

– sweat

– skin injuries

– tight clothes

– bandages and dressings

– certain skin conditions

Sweat can be a big problem for our pores, especially if we sweat heavily. One reason is that bacteria like to live in sweaty places.

Skin injuries, including scrapes and scratches, give bacteria a way to get into our system. Tight clothes, especially if the clothing rubs against our skin, can cause skin breakdown and damage–and this opens the door for bacteria to get inside.

Bandages, dressings, or anything else that can keep our skin from “breathing” can trap bacteria and allow moisture to build up. Certain skin conditions, such as acne, can make us more likely to wind up with folliculitis, too.

So, how come some people can wear skin-tight jeans, play sports, wear skin bandages and deal with pimples–and their pores never burst into a rash of dots?

That’s because some people are at higher risk.

Certain things–including illnesses, injuries, and medicines–increase the chances of developing this hair bumps.

And it’s not just bacteria that can cause hair bumps. They can be caused by fungus, viruses and even parasites, too.

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