Get Rid of Hair Bumps!

Hair Bumps – What Are They?

Most of us know what hair bumps look like.

Because most of us have stared at our skin, wondering what these things are, and why we have them.

They can show up almost anywhere on our body–and we’ll talk about that. But first, let’s look at one of the most common causes: shaving.

Sometimes, the only thing our best shaving efforts seem to guarantee is a new patch of pesky little bumps. Even with the sharpest razor and the gentlest touch, it can seem impossible to keep our skin smooth.

Those itchy, very un-sexy little dots can show up anywhere we shave, and here’s one reason for that: a bacteria called “staphylococcus aureus.”

Staphylococcus aureus, also called “staph,” is a type of bacteria that lives on our skin. It’s pretty much all over our bodies. Most of the time, these microscopic critters don’t cause us any problems–unless they find a way to get through our skin. Our skin protects us from infection, but it has to be intact in order for it to defend us.

Skin injuries and wounds, including scrapes and scratches, put a person at risk for developing a staph infection. When we shave, even if we can’t see any bleeding or injuries, every pass of the razor blade can create tiny cuts in our skin.

And each cut is a possible invitation for staph to come in.

Once bacteria gets past our skin, it can get inside our pores. The pores that contain hair are called hair follicles. If our hair follicles become infected with bacteria, this can develop into what’s properly known as “folliculitis.” This means an inflammation of the hair follicle.

In more casual terms,  folliculitis means hair bumps. No matter what you call them, they’re just as pesky, itchy, and un-sexy.

If the bacteria makes its way deep into the hair follicle, a serious infection can develop. If the bacteria stays closer to the skin’s surface, and the irritation is superficial, the overall effects usually aren’t as serious. Most often, the folliculitis we get from shaving is superficial.

So, when it comes to shaving, that’s the deal with the dots on our skin.

But because we have hair follicles covering most every part of our body, shaving isn’t the only way to wind up with hair bumps. Wherever we have hair follicles, there’s a risk for developing folliculitis.

What else causes hair bumps?

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