Get Rid of Hair Bumps!

Love Your Bikini – Shaving Tips for Smooth Bikini Zones

Celebrate the body God gave you–and don’t let hair bumps keep you from feeling great in your bathing suit!

Almost every woman we know has dealt with razor rash in her bikini area. Nothing takes the fun out of wearing a bathing suit quite like a splattering of little pimple-bumps along your bikini line.

So, let’s get down to it, and talk about a shaving plan that will send you in the right direction–the one that leads to a smooth, blemish-free bikini area.

1. Trim.

If your “hair down there” is long, use a small pair of scissors to cut it before shaving. This way, you won’t clog your razor with excess hair. You’ll also be adding to the life of your razor blade, by keeping it from getting dull so quickly.

2. Exfoliate.

It’s a step that takes an extra minute or two, but it’s one that can really pay off. Choose your weapon–for example, you can use a loofah or a soft, clean washcloth. As you know, that part of your skin is especially sensitive, so be gentle. Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells and other stuff that can build up around your hair follicles. Removing that natural build-up helps decrease the risk of getting ingrown hairs.

3. Soak.

Spend a few minutes relaxing in a warm tub of water. Applying a warm, moist washcloth to your bikini area will work, too. The moisture will help soften your skin and your hair.

4. Prep.

Use a quality shaving cream or lotion–one that’s designed to moisturize and protect your skin, and soften your hair. The best shaving products won’t irritate your skin. Check out our Recommended Solutions for some great ideas. (Coochy Shave Cream is a favorite!)

5. Shave.

If you’re using a disposable razor, use a new one as soon as you feel like you’re having to press harder to shave off the hair. And yes, it’s best to shave with the grain of the hair, instead of going against it. But we at know that this isn’t realistic. So, shave with the grain of the hair for at least the first few strokes–and try to avoid repeatedly shaving against the grain.

6. Rinse.

Be sure you’ve thoroughly rinsed the area with fresh water.

7. Finish.

Use cool water to help close the pores and prevent redness. Apply an after-shaving product that’s designed to soothe your skin and prevent hair bumps from popping up. Again, the best products won’t irritate your skin.

Check out our Recommended Solutions for some products designed to help you get a smooth, blemish-free bikini zone. And celebrate your body!

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