Get Rid of Hair Bumps!

Hair Bumps in Pubic Area – What Now?

When it comes to shaving your bikini area, sometimes it seems like there are only two choices: furry or hair bumps.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. And we at are dedicated to making the world a smoother place, one bump removal at a time.

It seems like the bikini zone is a hotbed for razor rash. By the way, for guys who shave this area, we’ve got you in mind, too–we know you don’t have to wear a bikini to get razor burn.

Usually, the post-shaving dots we get are due to either ingrown hairs, or to bacteria (or other germs) making their way inside our hair follicles.

Whatever the cause, it seems like shaving usually starts the whole thing.

There are alternatives to shaving, and depilatories may be a good way to go.

There are also great products on the market that, especially if used regularly, really do help prevent hair bumps.

But if you need to tackle razor burn right now, then let’s get to it.

Some recommendations for calming down razor bumps include applying a steroid cream (such as hydrocortisone), salicylic acid ointments, and even removing the ingrown hairs with tweezers. All of these methods have pros and cons. But if you choose any of them, get advice from your healthcare provider and your pharmacist, first. That may sound like a lot of work, but even though steroid creams and salicylic ointments can be purchased over the counter, they’re still medicines and should be used with care. And tweezing could lead to problems with infection.

Here’s a simple plan of attack, and a list of things you’ll need:

– a bathtub, or warm water and a washcloth
– a clean, soft washcloth or a loofah
– witch hazel
– a lotion or creme with natural anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing effects

1. Soften the skin and open the pores.

Do this by applying a warm, moist washcloth to the hair bumps for 5 to 10 minutes. Or, even better, soak in the bathtub.

2. Exfoliate

A loofah is one of the best tools, but a soft, clean washcloth will work, too. This removes dead skin cells and can sometimes help ingrown hairs to get free.

3. Apply Witch Hazel

With Hazel is a gentle astringent/antiseptic. This means it removes excess oil and helps kill germs. Moisten a cotton ball (or a few of them) with Witch Hazel and gently dab the site. Let it dry.

4. Last, apply a non-irritating lotion or creme

Some Eucerin products–especially their Dry Skin Therapy Calming Creme–work great. Certain Aveeno products also are excellent for the anti-hair bump plan. Check out our Recommended Solutions for choices that we love.

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