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Permanent Hair Removal – Cost and Benefits

When you think about permanent hair removal, cost might be the first thing that comes to your mind. And that makes sense, because this type of hair removal can cost up to several hundred dollars per treatment. Plus, you might need several treatments, in order to get rid of your unwanted body hair for good. That can add up.

On average, the information we found showed a cost of between $400 and $600 per treatment, but the cost can vary. That’s important to consider, but there’s still more to think about than just the cost of one treatment.

Certain types of skin and certain hair colors don’t respond well to laser hair removal. To find out what skin and hair types usually get the best results with a laser, click here.

Also, you should consider the possibility that you’ll need touch-up treatments. The laser destroys the hair shaft, but not the hair follicle (1). Because the hair follicle is where the hair actually grows, you may need to visit your laser treatment center for follow-up appointments. For men, as the years pass, more hair tends to grow–including on your back. So guys, you may need to plan for follow-up appointments about once a year, in order to keep your backs smooth(1).

Side effects of laser hair removal can include the following:

* pain or irritation of the areas treated with the laser
* swelling, redness and change in color of the treated area
* darkening or lightening of the skin treated with the laser
* increased sensitivity to sunlight of the skin treated with the laser

When it comes to laser as a form of permanent hair removal, cost and side effects may be enough to keep some people from choosing the laser. However, there are attractive benefits to this form of hair removal, too. The biggest benefit is that the effects are usually very long-lasting–even permanent, for some people. Along with that comes another big benefit: the opportunity to say goodbye to razor rash and ingrown hairs, and to enjoy smooth, clear skin with no hassle.

As with any health and wellness choice you make, talk to the experts before you make a decision. Your health care provider is the best person to help you weigh the risks and benefits, and may also be the best one to help you choose a treatment center that specializes in permanent hair removal.

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