Get Rid of Hair Bumps!

Scalp Bumps

Are you trying to figure out what’s causing your scalp bumps?

Maybe it’s as simple as a case of pimples, also known as “acne.” Most of us know what pimples look like…but what about those bumps on your scalp? Are they pimples? Or maybe ingrown hairs?

Maybe, maybe not.

To solve the mystery, your health care provider might check you for something called “pilar cysts.”

Pilar cysts can be considered a type of hair bumps, because they involve the hair follicle. Here are some basics about pilar cysts(1):

– they don’t always show up on our scalp–but about 90% of the time, if we get them, that’s where they show up

– there can be one or more scalp bumps present

– swelling is common, but there usually aren’t any other major symptoms

– the bumps can become sore and painful, if an infection develops or if they burst

– you can have hair loss in the area of the cyst

– they’re rarely cancerous–but in a small percentage of cases, they can become cancerous

The tendency to wind up with this type of cyst can be genetic. That is, we can be more likely to get them if our parents had them, too. But we can’t always point at our parents as the cause–we can also get them even if no one else in our family has had them(1).

Women are more likely than are men to develop pilar cysts. Age plays a role, too. Middle-aged people are more likely to develop them than are younger individuals(1).

Treating pilar cysts on the scalp can involve antibiotics. But surgery might be needed, in order to get rid of these scalp bumps completely(2).  As mentioned earlier they’re usually not cancerous–but in a small number of people, they can become cancerous(1).

While your scalp bumps may be nothing more than a nuisance, make sure you get checked out by your health care provider. Chances are, you’re healthy and whatever’s going on can be treated without too much trouble.

But please don’t take chances with your health–make an appointment, and find out for sure what’s going on. You’re valuable, and you’re worth taking care of!



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